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Nature and Wildlife Photographer

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The Photographer

John Lister has been photographing the outdoors for several decades. He now works with Marlene Baker, who provides a second set of eyes and another perspective.

You can order prints in various styles and sizes!

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The Photographs

The photographs of John Lister may be purchased in a number of formats. Keep exploring to learn more about how you may purchase a John Lister print.

Explore below to see a few of the awards John Lister has earned.

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International Awards

The photographs of John Lister have garnered some international recognition in the form of several awards. Please keep scrolling for more information.

Who is John Lister?

Here is everything you need to know about John Lister and his photography.

John Lister

Having been photographing nature for many decades, John Lister has advanced his skill to the point where he has been winning international photography competitions, judged by other global professional photographers.

By working with Marlene Baker, the advantage of a second perspective can be had.

Marlene Baker

Marlene is John's extra set of eyes, extra perspective, and assists greatly when out in nature. She may notice things John has missed, such as a nesting bird or interesting perspective. She will point out such gems that John may have missed.

Marlene also offers valuable input during the photo editing process.

The Team

Kayaking alongside one another, John Lister and Marlene Baker often head out in search of creatures to photograph. Whether it's a dragonfly or an Egret, this team has a knack for finding and photographing moments that might otherwise slip by unnoticed.

And now, the result of these efforts may be yours, in the form of original prints.

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The Photographs

The version you order will not be watermarked or have any other markings on it, other than John Lister's signature.

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We have won a number of awards over the years. Here are a few of the international and local award sources we recently were awarded winning notifications from.


An Investment in Your Personal Environment

We are in the process of partnering with a printing and distribution center to bring you the capability of ordering prints.

Soon, you'll be able to order a variety of print sizes in various styles and qualities. When this feature is enabled, you will see a small icon on each of our gallery photos, which will enable you to make a purchase.

We expect to have this feature in place soon.

Research has proven that looking at artistic images is beneficial to overall health. Your brain works when you look at a photograph, because the image is on a flat surface, and our brain has to "see" it as a three dimensional object. Some benefits are lowering of anxiety and depression and boosting critical thinking skills. Additional benefits are good health, satisfaction with life, low anxiety and low depression in both men and women, in addition to the release of dopamine, the "feel good" drug that our brain creates.

Although a walk in nature is a great way to relieve stress and super-charge the brain, research has shown that pictures of nature can have almost the same result. So, why not surround yourself with it?

When you invest in a printed nature photograph, you are investing in your own health, especially if it is to hang in your home or office. So why not take a look at our gallery and choose something?

Copyright notice: When you purchase a print, you are provided with the actual print, and are granted the right to display the print for viewing for non-commercial purposes. However, unless specifically authorised, you may not scan, duplicate, copy, resell, publish, or otherwise utilise the image in any manner without prior written authorisation. You will own the print, not the rights to the original image.
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Here's what people have said about John Lister Photography:

  • Client

    Bro, you have skill, believe in it. I know you're onto greatness with these works of art. I speak the truth. I see such beauty come from your photography, you share the same passion I have and inspire me to get out and find birds and look for those spots in the rivers that are teeming with life. You my friend share more than just a photo.

    - Ivan Mendoza, International Photographers United
  • Client

    This is my pick for admins/mods choice this week. It's absolutely bokehlicious! I love how an ordinary subject such as field grass was made into an extraordinary image. Goes to show that any subject can be made beautiful with a photographer's vison! Well done, John Lister!

    - Jan Silversides, Administrator, Snap the Planet
  • Client

    Congratulations!! We appreciate your effort to showcase your talent and for sharing your amazing photos. Keep 'em coming!

    - Wacky Del Rosario, Administrator, Mega Pixel International

John Lister Photography

What We're About

We are a team of photographers.

Who Are We?

  • We are a team of two nature-lovers who try to capture nature at its best.
  • We operate a number of other photography websites covering other forms of photography.
  • We do weddings, portraits, fastasy art, and much more.
  • You may learn more about our other work at

In Love with Nature

We love to kayak, and find remote locations where we are often surprised by wildlife, or the beauty of our surroundings. We carry cameras in order to capture such moments to share with our viewers, or those who purchase our prints. We leave nothing behind, other than the ripples that follow our path, and we take nothing away, other than photographs.

How we Work

Marlene Baker has studied visual arts and offers an extra pair of eyes while out on the water. John is not an owl, and can't see everything all of the time, and so Marlene will often point out things he may have otherwise missed. John will take the photos, and choose the appropriate camera settings while on the water. The team works together when choosing and editing the best photos.

John Lister Photography

Our Location

Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

Before Contacting Us

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